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ILCCLogoOur mandate is to promote and improve business in the Irish Loop economic region: a region that now encompasses Goulds/Petty Harbour to Mall Bay.

The Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) was formed in May 2001 to serve the interest of local businesses.  In addition to being the voice of business for the region, we offer many benefits to our members and provide a forum in which business people can share expertise, opinions, and ideas.

We’ve just undergone a re-evaluation here at  ILCC as we have seen some significant changes over the past couple couple of years. ILCC acknowledges the work of those who have volunteered their time and help lay the foundation for us to build upon. Today, ILCC turns a new corner and we are very excited about what the future has in store for the Irish Loop!

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We believe our new logo and tagline communicates that movement, energy and enthusiasm:

The green shamrock trail follows the rough contour of the Irish Loop itself as it swings through Mall Bay around the Cape, gathering momentum as it heads towards Goulds and Petty Harbour. (The stylized “C” it creates to represent ‘Chamber of Commerce’ is a happy coincidence.)

Colours: Green and Blue represent earth, sky and water. Harmony and Strength.

Our tagline: “Keeping Business in the Loop” is our sincere, double-meaning commitment to YOU:

  1. We will work to keep you informed, engaged and motivated.
  2. We will work to keep your business activity or storefront here in our region.

Membership in the Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce offers businesses extra profile, the support of our member network, and a membership package of benefits.  A detailed list of benefits is outlined at our Membership Information page.  Involvement in the Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce is a worthwhile decision that will better your business and our region on the whole.

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