Together, We're Better.

ILCC is proud to be a part of the Regional Collaboration Conference being held at the Opportunities Complex in Trepassey, Oct 21 and 22. Interim President, Derrick Thompson suggests that it’s this kind of solidarity and sharing of resources and ideas that will be the key to the region’s success and prosperity.

“In these days of instantaneous communication and branding, it’s very important that we speak together — as a Region. We are a small group of people spread over some 300 kms along the Irish Loop. Between us all, we represent approximately 10,000 citizens. So if we want to affect change, and have our voices heard — and compete for increasingly scarce financial and human resources — then we have to come together as a collective unit that is the Irish Loop. It’s our new reality”, says Thompson.

So if you are interested in having that discussion as a followup to the Harris Centre’s Feb 2015 session and subsequent report card, be sure to attend. Be a part of something bigger!

Contact Anita at: 709.438.2651 for more information or Register NOW! 


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